DJ Richard - Path Of Ruin

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  • DJ Richard's brand of house and techno is stark yet glows with emotion. Path Of Ruin is his first release since the 2015 album Grind. Like that record, it looks towards his home on the American eastern seaboard. Inspired by the region's harsh winters, Path Of Ruin is brittle and made for biting air and dark nights. It takes the most memorable aspects of Grind and isolates them, making for a more direct release. "Path Of Ruin (Pain Mix)" could become one of DJ Richard's best-known tracks. Like the best artists on Dial, Richard gleans something compelling from simple sounds—in this case, an ominous chord. The tension stays high for all ten minutes, while melancholic melodies and a crestfallen bassline orbit the centre. Richard plays with multiple clashing melodies on "Gargoyle"—a sleight of hand that showcases his sharp sense of musicality—and steps away from the dance floor entirely for the bleak "Stygian Freeze," which is just a chord progression flickering over a somber bassline. Silence speaks volumes on "Stygian Freeze" and the rest of Path Of Ruin, an EP that sees DJ Richard find his voice by using it sparingly.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Path Of Ruin (Pain Mix) B1 Gargoyle B2 Stygian Freeze