Steffi - Waking States

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  • Released in September, Steffi's World Of The Waking State was one of this year's surprise album highlights. Deeper and more detailed than the Berlin-based artist's previous work, it explored a murky sound somewhere between techno, IDM and electro, full of nimble rhythms and ambiguous moods. The six-week period spent producing the album was especially fertile for Steffi, a point the new Waking States white label hammers home. It presents two extra tracks that float in the same esoteric zone as the earlier full-length, albeit better suited for DJ use. "Exit The Ego" is one of the rare 4/4 tunes to emerge from those six weeks. It lands closer to conventional techno than anything on the album, which means you shouldn't have much trouble mixing with it. The BPM is in the mid-130s, but the twitching bassline and cosmic synths get even trippier when slowed to house tempo. "The Big White Bang"'s halftime swagger is deeper still, laying down another shuffling rhythm adorned with glistening snippets of icy melody. For anyone who loved World Of The Waking State but couldn't find a place for it in their sets, this white label is for you.
  • Tracklist
      A Exit The Ego B The Big White Bang