So Inagawa - Airier EP

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  • Amidst all the hype around breaks and bleeps, So Inagawa is back to remind us that nothing beats a good house groove. Every track the Japanese producer has released on Cabaret Recordings, the label he runs with DJ Masda, has a great one, going all the back to "Logo Queen," a piano-laced deep house burner that's still the biggest tune the label has put out. (Considering his labelmates include some of the best-loved producers working today, that's an achievement.) Inagawa's last record was released in 2015, so the Airier EP is a comeback of sorts. And with bold electro-tinged efforts from Ekbox, Evan Baggs and others in the meantime, Cabaret's sound shifted so much that you had to wonder if there was a place left for Inagawa's laid-back deep house. Airier resumes where Integritithm left off two years ago. The basslines are big and the mood is hazy, hovering in that twilit zone explored in mid-'00s deep house classics like Laid's "Punch Up." "Airier" is the track most loyal to this sound, with pads, a humming synth and hints of a diva vocal. "Head Over The Clouds" channels Thomas Melchior, Inagawa's favourite producer, in its rhythmic bassline and vocal snippets, turning dreamy with a sustained celestial tone—you might hear it the next time you catch a late-morning Zip set. The atmospheric "Petrichor" is somewhere between those tracks, with a bassline that recalls the bubbling low-end on Inagawa's contribution to Cabaret's Alien Family compilation. Where so many producers stick to the sounds of the past, So Inagawa is one of the few who remains timeless.
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      A1 Airier B1 Petrichor B2 Head Over The Clouds