Vinyl Speed Adjust ‎- Smooth Operator EP

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  • After you've sent your last text cancelling plans for the next day, nothing beats hearing a mean minimal banger on a pitch-black dance floor. The Romanian duo Vinyl Speed Adjust's Smooth Operator packs one of these laser-guided bombs, an eight-minute loop so perfect that it doesn't need to build up or down to do damage. From the tough sub-bass to the precision drums, every element in "Flashback" is primed for maximum impact. The licks of synth that float above the rumbling low-end combine for a faint melody, a flash of light in an otherwise rude tune. Best deployed with a long transition way after peak-time has passed, it's a hard-hitting weapon that combines techno's intensity with house's groove. "Closed Circuit," the 12-minute A-side, is more in-line with Vinyl Speed Adjust's home scene. There's a technoid pulse running through its low-end, but the atmospheric effects and twanging bass synth sound straight out of Bucharest. "Wild Motion" has another rumbling bassline, this time paired with squiggling synths and a clap that cuts through the mix. Smooth Operator is minimal for DJs who get straight to the point.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Closed Circuit B1 Flashback B2 Wild Motion