A Sagittariun - Pseudo Science / Heavy Manners

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  • With A Sagittariun, Nick Harris has reinvented himself as a purveyor of cosmic techno. He's amassed a mostly self-released catalogue with the kind of range you could only get from absorbing decades of dance music. Before he was A Sagittariun, Harris was already a key player in Bristol's dance music scene—he's only recently owned up to being the man behind the name. He stays local with his first release for Idle Hands. He delivers two cuts of clever, melodic techno that cut up styles as well as any recent Idle Hands record. Though Harris can make dance floor bombs, his dreamier tracks make the deepest impression. On "Psuedo Science," a twinkling synth motif smoothly pulls the track skyward like a mass of helium balloons. It's hands-in-the-air material that feels serene and measured. The equally floaty "Heavy Manners" looks back to '90s UK dance music, with bobbing acid melodies and foggy chords. Both tracks offer the quietly inventive and colourful perspective we've come to expect from A Sagittariun, a project still finding new variations on techno.
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      A Pseudo Science B Heavy Manners