Roza Terenzi - The O.G. EP

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  • There's a rapport between the underground house scenes in Australia and Canada. You don't have to dig deep to find similarities between, say, Melbourne's Butter Sessions and labels in Montreal's house scene. Both countries are pumping out young producers who make dreamy house music infused with retro sounds and ideas. Roza Terenzi, who's based in Melbourne but comes from Perth, spent a chunk of summer in Vancouver this year, playing gigs around the city's afterhours scene and its growing radio community. She's released her debut EP on the Perth label Good Company, which slots in with the records coming out of Vancouver while putting her own electro stamp on things. Terenzi has a hard time sitting still: all three of the tracks on The O.G. EP are fidgety. The drums on "The Right Zone" and "Yeh Yeh Yeh," which uses the same "Yeah! Woo!" break featured in Flørist's "Marine Drive," stutter and skip. You could mix them with old-school electro or deep house. The whistle samples and hand percussion on "Yeh, Higher Places" are as common as the "Yeah! Woo!" break, but Terenzi's out-there effects puts a different spin on them Jayda G solidifies the Vancouver connection, dismantling "Yeh, Higher Places" into something unrecognizable. Like her best tracks, it's shambolic and funky, with colliding piano riffs and breathy vocals—it could be a wacked-out dub mix from an obscure disco 12-inch. It's a wacky end to a wacky EP that shows how local scenes can cross oceans.
  • Tracklist
      A1 The Right Zone A2 Yeh Yeh Yeh B1 Higher Place B2 Yeh, Higher Places (Jayda G 'Deep In Your Soul' Mix)