Yaeji - EP2

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  • Whether she's rapping in English or Korean, Kathy Yaeji Lee makes house anthems that her fans sing along to. If she sounded shy on her first record, she comes out of her shell on EP2. She sounds almost commanding on "Raingurl," a track whose chorus—"Make it rain girl, make it rain!"—is already a fan favourite at shows. She raps more assertively than before, but her lyrics don't always hold water. "When the sweaty walls are bangin' / I don't fuck with family planning" is one of a few odd lines on "Raingurl." Lee's depth shows when she pulls back. On the stunning "Drink I'm Sippin On," she switches gears to a trap-influenced rhythm with soft contours that wrap around her voice like fog from a smoke machine. "Drink I'm Sippin On," along with "Feelings Change," lays out the instant appeal of Lee's music, especially to new and younger dance music fans. She's an unassuming artist who can rock a party with a whisper and a geek who loves rap music, which her easygoing cover of Drake's "Passionfruit" shows. Lee navigates dance music from outside the system (she mostly plays rock clubs) and swerves its clichés (she says that "Drink I'm Sippin On" isn't about alcohol). It might explain why she's earned such a large fanbase outside house music while courting the style's fans with an irresistible cool.
  • Tracklist
      01. Feelings Change 02. Raingurl 03. Drink I'm Sippin On 04. After That 05. Passionfruit