rRoxymore - Thoughts Of An Introvert Pt. 1

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  • rRoxymore's music sounds like it's from another dimension. She transmits alien frequencies and melodies to make your shoulders wiggle over tough and sassy drums that are in line with her UK-based techno peers. Her knack for strange and dizzying melodies shone through on Organ Smith, her first EP for Don't Be Afraid. Thoughts Of An Introvert Pt. 1, her follow-up on the Bristol-based label, is a continuation of the swirly-eyed sonics that made Organ Smith so infectious. "Prodrome" struts into view with thick kick drums that collide with a spiralling arpeggio and ghostly vocal samples. The track steadily builds as rRoxymore introduces synths that sound like samples of a haunted fairground. The drums are silenced momentarily and a voice emerges from the ether to state, "The Doomsday Clock is closer to midnight than it's ever been in the lifetime of almost everyone in this room." The words are from Lawrence Krauss, the chair of Bulletin Of The Atomic Scientists, who warns that the world is close to a major disaster. (The track's title comes from the word for an early symptom that indicates disease.) A sense of doom lurks in the percussion, which is softened by floating woodwind and high-energy organ samples. "Thoughts Of An Introvert" is a squeaky roller that's lighter in tone, with sparse clicks that guide listeners through shimmering synth loops. It contrasts with other tracks, which are heavier in atmosphere. But "Mycetozoa" also revels in high-pitched squeaks, piercing through the trill of woodblocks and new wave synths, which gets darker as the track progresses.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Prodrome B1 Thoughts Of An Introvert B2 Mycetozoa