Legowelt - Legendary Freaks In The Trash Of Time

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  • It's often said that Danny Wolfers is one of dance music's most prolific artists. In the last two decades, he's made more than a hundred records, a figure the average producer would struggle to match in a lifetime. Less remarked on, though, is how consistently good they've been. Just A Clown On Crack, Sampling Winter and Guidance For The Puzzled, all released within the last two years, have been strong entries in his catalogue. Wolfers' records have emerged under various aliases, but all of them show his uniquely eccentric personality. It's present in supernatural-themed albums like The Paranormal Soul and Crystal Cult 2080, both made under his most popular alias, Legowelt. It's also visible on his website, where you can browse his "cyberpunk e-zine," or compete in fan artwork competitions. Last year's winner featured, among other things, a shark, an alien and a guy hanging out in a boiling cauldron. Wolfers initially attracted a following with gritty and jacking tracks, like the early career highlight "Sturmvogel," or EPs like 2005's Chicago Shags, a collaboration with Brian Schijf, and Beyond The Congo. Wolfers' catalogue, though, is far more diverse—he's also made African funk freakouts such as 2011's The Africa Jet Band Experience, credited to Nacho Patrol, and soundtrack-style electronics like 2010's Spiritual Foundation, as The Psychic Stewardess. These divergent styles are often compartmentalised across different releases. But Legendary Freaks In The Trash Of Time, his latest LP as Legowelt, contains several sides of his musical personality, which makes it an ideal entry point for first-timers. Wolfers' signature synth melodies—often grainy and bright, with a worn-down VHS feel—glide through most of the album's 12 tracks. It has plenty of the chuggy, saturated techno for which he's known ("It's Midnite & You Are Lost," "New Stories"), but the standouts come when Wolfers strafes outside that spectral territory. The soft strokes of piano on "North Sea Wisdom," trailing through the air like curlicues of cigarette smoke, and the ravey bounce of "Beyond The Mind Of Man" are welcome departures. The LP fills a gap for those who have missed Wolfers' dance floor form, which has taken a backseat during his recent investment in ambient and self-ascribed "space jazz." Most exciting of all is "Revenge Of The Nerds," a slow-motion trunk-rattler that taps into Wolfers' love of murky Memphis rap (which he's previously explored in a set of stellar mixtapes). The piercing highs and rumbling lows of several synth lines combine to menacing effect; an entire album in this vein could prove electrifying. It's a standout on a set of tracks that mostly consolidates familiar ground, but still live up to Wolfers' lofty standard.
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      01. My Life In A Bush Of Spaceweed 02. Its Midnite & You Are Lost 03. North Sea Wisdom 04. Axumesia V S612 05. Trips In Polarius 06. Revenge Of The Nerds 07. Whatever Happened To Surf House 08. Computerized Paradise 09. New Stories 10. Beyond The Mind Of Man 11. Legendary Freaks 12. La Guerre Aux Reves