Vin Sol - Moonchild

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  • A glance through the back catalogue of Vin Sol's Club Lonely label gives a neat summary of his taste. Alongside his own work, Sol has released music from Matrixxman, Innershades and Alden Tyrell, producers inspired by classic Chicago sounds and who prioritise simplicity and function. This style works when it gets weird or aims for fist pumping intensity, but more understated tracks often don't have the same punch. This approach weakens the title track from Vin Sol's Moonchild EP on Honey Soundsystem. It's a raw acid workout, and while the immaculate drums are sure to keep the club moving, the glassy melodies never develop in a satisfying way. "Electrical Storms" is a blunt take on dub techno that lacks the genre's signature attention to texture. Sol finds his footing on the B-side, where a smooth bassline glides under the sleek Detroit synths of "Patronize." But it's only on the final track that he takes on the restrained frenzy of those old Chicago classics, and it's the pick of the bunch. Built entirely from percussion, "Bondage Taped" concentrates everything Sol knows about tension, drum design and drama into a perfectly coiled trap ready to spring.
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      A1 Moonchild A2 Electrical Storms B1 Patronize B2 Bondage Taped