Earth Trax - I Gave You Everything

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  • With Earth Trax, Bartosz Kruczyński has hit his stride. The project puts out celestial house with a touch of early IDM and new age, with moods that range from chipper to downcast. The latest release, for Shall Not Fade's Lost Palms sub-label, uses rich synth sounds and spacious arrangements to explore dance floor melancholy. It's the best Earth Trax release to date, and Lost Palms' most distinctive record. All four tracks have misty atmospheres, as if they were shrouded in morning fog. This ambience makes Kruczyński's sharper elements, like the gushing arp line in "Cafe Luna" or the big basslines all over the EP, sound even better. Kruczyński cleverly turns the rhythmic elements into emotional devices. "I Gave You Everything" has a mush-mouth vocal sample, while "Deprive Me Of Air" has a steady beat that acts like life support holding up its heavy emotional weight. Kruczyński, like his labelmates on Shall Not Fade, isn't shy about wearing his influences on his sleeve. But the result always feels like his own style—sentimental but ready for the dance floor.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Deprive Me Of Air A2 Cafe Luna B1 I Gave You Everything B2 Exit