Samuel Kerridge - The Silence Between Us

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  • Samuel Kerridge is known for brute force, but his work is nuanced even at its most sadistic. Last year's remix of Ancestral Voices, for instance, showed considerable sensitivity in sound design and structure, indicating potential to explore new spaces outside his techno-compatible work. But nothing so far has broken the frame like The Silence Between Us. It takes a bold step away from droning textures and regular rhythms into a frenzied yet hyper-precise zone that sounds like Objekt on methamphetamine. "Possession/Control" is off-the-leash electro. It feels anxious but periodically bursts through its constraints, like a patient fleeing the clinic. It occasionally pauses to think for a quiet second before plunging back into the madness with psycho energy. "Ascension" reaches Stingray levels of whorl and churn, mixing Super Saiyan arpeggios with warp-speed drum programming. Like "Possession/Control," it's chaotic but well paced, using regular breaks to take a breath and attack the central ideas with fresh vigour. "Radical Possibilities Of Pleasure" uses a similar type of push-pull to give impact to its warped contours. The relationship between thought-provoking sound design and cunning rhythmic punctuation borders on Mego-school levels of articulation. While Kerridge has always stood out from the crowd at the intersection of extreme music and techno, The Silence Between Us suggests he could have a new angle to explore.
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      A1 Possession/Control B1 Ascension B2 Radical Possibilities Of Pleasure