KiNK - Perth

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  • I'm not sure what happened the last time KiNK visited Perth, but his new single makes it sound like he had a blast. According to RA's event listings, he's only played in the Western Australian city once, which probably means he had a really good time. Perth, a three-track EP released in advance of his new album on Running Back, is hands-in-the-air fun, all thumping kick drums and disco stabs. It offers three versions of one tune, including the original that appears on Playground, the forthcoming LP. Recalling the high-energy style of DJ HMC, another master of chopped disco and slamming kick drums, Perth presents three peak-time bombs. If the rest of Playground is anything like the original version of "Perth," then it will be among 2017's cheeriest albums. KiNK loops a four-note disco riff over a technoid drum pattern and a bulldozing bassline, increasing the pressure with blasts of horn and keys. A 4/4 pulse without a clap, the "Chord Mix" is trickier, the kind of thing that ramps up the tension in KiNK's live sets. Then there's the "Beat Mix," which might be the world's first drum track turned psychedelic by cowbells. All three are bangers from a producer who knows what makes dance floors tick.
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      A1 Perth B1 Perth (Chord Mix) B2 Perth (Beat Mix)