Derek Carr - Futuristic Overtones EP

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  • Nice and Nasty is record label based in Ireland. The Futuristic Overtones EP consists of 4 tracks. First up is Lakepoint. This track starts of with some lush pads and whistle sounds, the groove starts of very minimal, but slowly more percussive elements are brought in along with a guitar part. Some twisted fx’ed synth sounds are also introduced as the track continues to shuffle along at mid-pace. A nice laidback summery tune. “Growth” begins with melodic electronic bleepy tones, an angelic background synth, and soft filtered drums. A nice chord progression then floats into the mix with some solitary hi hats and bubbly water sounds. Overall, a very nice ambient piece that would work great as an intro track in a dj set. Isengard begins similarly with lush distant pads, but this time with a bouncy bassline and kick drum to drive the track forward. Retro-styled synths then slowly emerge, and the track continues in a similar fashion. Tiergarten starts of with haunting synth stabs, clicky percussion, and a droning bassline. Various melodic tones are interweaved into the mix and are also complemented by futuristic synth parts. This is a great EP from Derek Carr, whilst none of the tracks are peak-time material, they are all very well produced and would fit perfectly as warm-up material for house, techno, and progressive djs.