Samuel Rohrer - Range Of Regularity Remixes Volume 2

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  • Samuel Rohrer trained as a jazz drummer, but lately he's found common ground with electronic musicians. Last year's densely textured Range Of Regularity dove headfirst into the studio, and the ensuing remixes have come from the crew around Ricardo Villalobos (Rohrer's Ambiq trio sometimes collaborates with the minimalist). On the first remix 12-inch, he appeared twice solo and together with Max Loderbauer as Vilod. On this one he reworks "Microcosmoism," which already suggested his influence in its original form. The Villalobos version finds a balance between brain-tickling detail and the macro-clarity that Rohrer's work has sometimes lacked. The drums are restless and serpentine and vibraphone-ish chords pool darkly in the lower midrange. Not much happens, but it could happily keep happening for another 20 minutes. Burnt Friedman finds more tension in the same track. The ideas, familiar from his recent outpouring of music, are close in spirit to Rohrer's own. Acoustic-sounding percussion forms a loose polyrhythmic groove, while sharp synth zaps and swoops provide contrast. The whole thing periodically slots into groovy unity before splintering apart again. As with Villalobos's rework, this seven-minute track feels like a snapshot of something much longer. When a modal lead-line noodles into view in the closing minute, Friedman could just be warming up.
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      A Microcosmoism (Burnt Friedman Remix) B Microcosmoism (Ricardo Villalobos Remix)