Ploy - Remixes 2

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  • Beatrice Dillon and Peder Mannerfelt take contrasting approaches on Remixes 2. They revisit the sedate oddity "Footprints In Solid Rock," a track from Ploy's 2016 Timedance debut. Mannerfelt opts for the "rip it up while laughing maniacally" approach on his wonderfully over the top "Rock Solid" version. There is a lot to unravel, beginning with the bizarre animal sounds. A cat's purr opens the track as Mannerfelt launches into throbbing metallic techno, where electric interferences crackles constantly. Out of nowhere, another cat meows and signals a breakdown of face-searing rave tones interspersed with dog woofs. It's all a bit silly but some humour is always welcome in techno. Dillon's remix is more understated. There are no dogs barking, but it's still removed from Ploy's original. Only the languid bass tones remain, with everything else stripped away and replaced by dubby hi-hats, droplets of percussion and a sole hypnotic chord. Many will be drawn to Mannerfelt's remix, but Dillon's demonstrates her talent for crafting subtle dance floor tools.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Footprints In Solid Rock (Beatrice Dillon Remix) B1 Footprints In Solid Rock (Peder Mannerfelt's Rock Solid Remix)