Anno Stamm - FragmentsB

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  • In the last four years, most of Lars Stöwe's music has come from his Anno Stamm alias. It shares the "musical handwriting," as he once put it, of his other alias, Anstam—a woodshed-crafted, B-movie horror vibe that might've given the filmmaker Roger Corman sleepless nights. Compared with the dubstep, techno and IDM composites of Anstam, which produced uneven results, Anno Stamm's music is less volatile. Some tracks, like 2014's "Aqua / Lemon Peel / Violet," ventured into the haunted mists his alter ego's music often evoked. Otherwise, Stöwe's proggy excesses are reined right in. An increasingly disciplined approach has, strangely enough, made Stöwe's music more fun. That's never been truer than on "Do Yoused To Go." As synth chords stretch and convulse in sweet, Siriusmo-style shapes, Stöwe introduces a slapstick 4/4 pound. Club tracks are seldom this big, or this much of a laugh. "La Viande"'s tip-toe bassline suggests that something sinister still lurks in his music, but the track's flute spirals are a delirious joy. "Pyramid Peach" is a simpler pleasure. A synth jam with matchstick-strike percussion, it shares the other tracks' intuitive feel, less so their exuberant magic.
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      A1 La Viande B1 Do Yoused To Go B2 Pyramid Peach