Cassy - Cassy 04

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  • Before Catherine Britton was a big-room DJ with residencies at the world's most prominent clubs, she made bewitching house music. Her white-label Cassy records were among her best and most understated, with exquisitely programmed drums that were dusted with her soft vocals. They felt like private correspondence from her to you. Cassy has revived the series with its fourth record after seven years of dormancy, but the magic eludes her. The difference is obvious when you put the needle on "One." The kick drum's dead-eyed march is designed for large rooms, and while it would be effective, Cassy's breathy vocals aren't enough to make it more than a rudimentary tool. "Two" is more compelling, with vocal samples stitched into the patchwork background, but there's still something leaden about it. The best track is Cassy's "Reshape" of "One," even though it strays furthest from those early records. The pounding kick aligns with techno, and it doesn't have the odd vocal phrases of Cassy's older tracks, but it is imaginative, with a slapping snare pattern and a fake-out ending that leads to a spirited finale. Those last few minutes are a bright spot on a record that turns a series once known for warmth and personality into something more functional.
  • Tracklist
      A1 One A2 Two B1 One (Cassy Reshape)