Mana - Creature

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  • Mana is a new name for an artist who has been operating at the fringes of dance music for years. Formerly known as Vaghe Stelle, Daniele Mana made abstract electronic vignettes for labels like Other People, Danse Noire and Gang Of Ducks. Creature finds him on Hyperdub, using his surname on a record meant to capture something more personal. There's a starkness to Creature that clears away some of the fog of his past records, leaving bursts of raw feeling behind. Most tracks on Creature are just a few synthetic strands that light up the darkness around them. "Runningman" uses blinding trance filaments that plot an unsettling melody, like a Lorenzo Senni rework of an old John Carpenter theme. "Uno E Solo" is just one lonely synth lead that traces out a sad melody with few embellishments. "Fade," which begins with a squeaky synth lead, ends with layers of melodies that sound a little like weeping. Even "Crystalline," on the surface a barebones instrumental grime workout, has an ache in its creaky bones. These tracks, especially "Uno E Solo," highlight Hyperdub's tendency for simple synth melodies with enormous emotional weight. Not every track on Creature is memorable, but it's a humble record with poignant moments.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Fade A2 Crystalline A3 Sei Nove A4 Runningman B1 Wetlife B2 Rabbia B3 Uno E Solo B4 Consolations