Sawlin - Motion Keeper

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  • Sawlin has always had a deep side. Together with Subjected and Mørbeck, he broke through on the label Vault Series, which the trio used to hone their individual sounds before branching off into solo endeavours. While on Vault Series, Sawlin made light of techno's dark side. His early releases squirmed with personality, and perverted vocals and offbeat sounds are still trademarks today. Sawlin is a fantastic producer, and Motion Keeper, his latest EP for Delsin, is one of his finest efforts yet. The title track is gorgeous. The kick shudders, the high-ends tingle and, in between, there's a balmy fug of pads, vocal smears and worming details. It's a subaqueous, womb-like environment you won't want to leave. The tone is a little tougher on "Easiness Supplier," but it's still dreamy and no less moreish. "Wired Evening" is darker still, with shattered percussion that gives it a wonderfully screwy feeling. If you don't know Sawlin, here's a great place to start.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Motion Keeper B1 Easiness Supplier B2 Wired Evening