DJ Deep - For The Love Of Kaoz

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  • DJ Deep's barrelling techno is cool and all, but I prefer it when he lets the light in. Luckily for me, For The Love Of Kaoz, his new EP for Kerri Chandler's Kaoz Theory, oozes good vibes, with tribal beats, sunny melodies and that special DJ Deep groove. It's tough to pick a favourite from these four tunes, but I'm going with "Guardian," a dubby shuffler that sounds like a day at the park with Shed's Wax project. Catchy micro-stabs combine with tough bassline for a sweet six minutes of rolling bliss, capped off by breathy vocal snippets that give the track a psychedelic touch without detracting from the cheery mood. The kind of tune you might hear Margaret Dygas play when things start to get freaky at a day party, "Guardian" could've been one of the tracks of the summer if it weren't for its late August release. "Tuesday Record Shopping In Paris" is less organic, but it also comes with plenty of feeling. A looped bass synth bleeps while the energy picks up with the patient introduction of hi-hats, a pad and, at the sweet spot one-third through, a satisfying clap. These elements come and go throughout the rest of the tune, shifting the energy and mood with each subtle change. The beatless "Thai" catches DJ Deep at another sentimental moment, leaving a 909 workout, "Cavalier Drums," as the only track free of melody. But for anyone craving tender sounds, there's enough of them elsewhere.
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      A1 Thai A2 Tuesday Record Shopping In Paris B1 Guardian B2 Cavalier Drums