Cosmin TRG - Afterburn / Electra

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  • With Sportiv, Cosmin Nicolae's current white-label project, he isn't overthinking things. This is something the Berlin-based artist has fallen victim to in the past. He's a smart producer, and his music often has plenty below the surface. Sportiv is different, releasing heavy techno bombs designed to make you sweat. This is Nicolae's second EP in the series, and it's just as much pseudo-serious fun as its predecessor. Delirious bell loops give "Afterburn" a wild-eyed edge. It would be a pretty sombre—and mental—number, were it not for the vocal hook. But you get the impression that you shouldn't take it too seriously, which makes it all the better. "Electra" presents a gurgling piece of Fizic-like sound design, set to a quietly thumping beat. It's not as dancey but it's the more interesting track. Whether they should be on the same piece of wax is debatable. They aim for two different ears, but together they present the breadth of Nicolae's current sound.
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      A Afterburn B Electra