KiNK - Aphex KiNK

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  • Produced between 2004 and 2009, the Aphex KiNK EP was a breakout release for Strahil Velchev. Now the number one live act in the RA Poll, the ever-smiling Bulgarian is among house and techno's busiest names, with a hard drive full of bombs and a stage presence that resembles a one-man band. A mess of scattershot percussion and unexpected turns, Aphex KiNK, a tribute to Richard D. James, holds some of Velchev's edgiest tunes. Originally pressed in 2010 in a run of 300 records, it's been given an expanded reissue, which includes an extra 12 cosmic locked grooves, by Sharivari Records. There's a strong acid presence across Aphex KiNK's five tracks. Like the work of Richard D. James, it blends unpredictable structures and shifting drums with dense layers of synth. "The Roots Of Techno," the EP's catchiest tune, is also its best. A deep voice, looped and chopped, blurts "acid" and "we are going to the roots of techno" while 303 squiggles, high-pitched chords and a mangled drum pattern tussle underneath. With a rave bassline and a steadier rhythm, "Soda Caustic" is more conventional, while "Daddy Acid" channels DrukQs-era Aphex with intense drums and rapid-fire synths. The locked grooves, largely ambient, collect a range of synth textures, most of which sound like alien transmissions. Released as Velchev's international gigs began to mount, it's no surprise Aphex KiNK helped launch a storied career.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Soda Caustic A2 Synaesthesia A3 Daddy Acid A4 KiNK Locked Groove A5 KiNK Locked Groove A6 KiNK Locked Groove A7 KiNK Locked Groove A8 KiNK Locked Groove A9 KiNK Locked Groove B1 The Roots Of Techno B2 Antitune B3 KiNK Locked Groove B4 KiNK Locked Groove B5 KiNK Locked Groove B6 KiNK Locked Groove B7 KiNK Locked Groove B8 KiNK Locked Groove