Machine Woman - When Lobster Comes Home

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  • Machine Woman's latest release retains the sense of narrative that made her Genau House 12-inch so refreshing. On that 2016 record, the Russian artist found inspiration in unsuccessful Tinder dates and being turned away from famous Berlin clubs. "Camile From OHM Makes Me Feel Loved," the lead track on When Lobster Comes Home, suggests Machine Woman is more settled in the city. Brittle, skipping drums ground the track in the now, but amidst the glitches and backwards vocal snatches there is a UK garage-style harmony that wouldn't sound out of place in a Jamie xx track. It's a curious combination of sounds that works because Machine Woman doesn't take herself too seriously. That much is evident, too, on "I Want To Fuck Tech House," which finds Machine Woman experimenting with a dank basement vibe. The 4/4 thud, three-note bass loops and ravey keys create a raucous energy that fights for attention with the fizzing electric noise underneath. The "fatality" sample, lifted from Mortal Kombat, that repeats throughout is another humorous touch. "But It Was Like 30 Intros In A Row" was written in response to a negative Facebook comment about a Machine Woman performance. You can feel the sense of release as freeform synths billow out over a crunchy beatdown rhythm rich with detail.
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      A1 Camile From OHM Makes Me Feel Loved A2 But It Was Like 30 Intros In A Row B1 I Want To Fuck Tech House