Young Seth & Omar-S - Lost And Found

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  • Young Seth, a little-known alias from Seth Troxler, is only linked to one track, but it's a beauty. "Moment," a stoned B-side on 2005's FXHE-Compulation-#1, is about as good as deep house gets, a minimalist groover with muted drums and one of those melodies that only seem to come from the best producers. Released digitally on FXHE in August with a vinyl release through Tuskegee Music on the way, Lost And Found collects three tunes, two produced with Omar-S, apparently made in Detroit around the same time. Without reaching the dreamy highs—or is it dreamy depths?—of "Moment," it captures a forgotten side of a future superstar. "Deep (CDV 2006 Mix)" sounds like it could've been made anytime between yesterday and 2005. It has the jangly drums of "Moment," but a more primitive melody. Produced after an eye-opening Ricardo Villalobos set at Berlin's Club Der Visionaere in 2005, it sounds like a Detroit house take on minimal. The tempo plods in the low 120s as a clumsy bass melody and occasional zaps of synth dance around hand drums and a dulled kick. "Detroit After Midnight" is even trippier, not much more than a 93-BPM pulse and some atmospheric effects. "Luiza's Inferno," the only solo Troxler cut, is a sleepy Korg jam that sounds like it was produced while Omar-S was dozing in another room. It rounds off a cool but unremarkable EP that most people will put back on the shelf if more tunes like "Moment" make it onto wax.
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      A1 Young Seth & Omar S - Deep (CDV 2006 Mix) B1 Young Seth & Omar S - Detroit After Midnight B2 Young Seth - Luiza's Inferno