Sasha - GameOvr

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  • You can't accuse Sasha of endlessly rehashing past glories. Once known for big emotions, recent years have seen the Welsh producer pare back his sound. With mixed results, his newer tracks have ranged from ambient and minimal to this year's excursion into big-room deep house and techno for Kompakt. Sasha debuts on another German institution, Watergate Records, with GameOvr. He supplies two tracks that show different sides of his sound. The first side, Sasha the functionalist, is less familiar. "GameOvr" is a lean tech house roller with drama provided by strobing synths and a slightly clichéd piston exhaust sample. "Trigonometry" is Sasha the emotionalist, where a perky arpeggio leads to a dramatic breakdown, whose honeyed chords are sappy but affecting. Both tracks have a glossy finish that makes them easy on the ears, even though there's some character lacking in their smooth surfaces. Cassy toughens up "GameOvr" with intricate percussion, adding a glowing organ riff with a sense of restraint rarely heard in Sasha's tracks. La Fleur, a Swedish artist who previously released on Sasha's Last Night On Earth label, reshapes "Trigonometry" into a jacking big-room house track. It adds a more modern flavour but removes the original's emotional sincerity.
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      A1 GameOvr A2 GameOvr (Cassy Remix) B1 Trigonometry B2 Trigonometry (La Fleur Remix)