Hodge - No Single Thing

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  • Hodge's best records build up ridiculous degrees of tension. Tracks like "Amor Fati" and "Flashback" have almost laughably large drops. Catchy melodies and interesting textures are also part of the formula, but, ultimately, these tunes are grenades—you pull the pin and duck for cover. They helped send Hodge into the upper echelons of Bristol techno and, after multiple releases on Livity Sound's sub-label and collaborations with Randomer, Peder Mannerfelt and Peverelist, No Single Thing is his first solo release on Livity Sound proper. The title track mixes rolling hand drums with bird-call zaps, humid delays and the odd animalistic whoop, continuing Hodge's penchant for tropical sounds. The tinny lead line is classic Hodge, as is the breakdown in the back third—we're in his sweet spot and destruction ensues. But it's also nothing we haven't heard from him before. The same could be said of the B-side. "Light Waves" could detonate the dance, with delayed vocals, a rising melody and a throbbing sub whose pitch changes key to great effect. It fits neatly into the lineage of records that made his name, reusing familiar ideas that are remarkably effective in the mix. The plus-size weapons on No Single Thing will cause damage, but I wouldn't be surprised if Hodge made these tracks three years ago. He's capable of writing with surprising sensitivity. This 12-inch, for all its underground nous, is for big rooms.
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      A1 No Single Thing B1 Light Waves B2 Joe Likes To Dance