Luciano & David Morales ‎- Esperanza

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  • Tribal might be a dirty word in 2017, but no one's told Luciano. After steering the style through its mid-'00s partnership with minimal, the South American artist turned to a more synthetic techno sound, pumping out big-room tracks heavy on white noise and pinprick details. But the Latin flavour returns on Esperanza, a two-track collaboration wth David Morales. Following Ricardo Villalobos's recent record with Chez Damier, it's the latest release that sees two generations come together surprisingly well. All your attention should be on the "Luciano Flow Latino Mix," a snaking tribal roller heavy on bass and bongos. It transports you to a sweaty Berlin dance floor soundtracked by an even sweatier Ricardo Villalobos, the kind of track minimal's voodoo master lets run for the full ten minutes while he twirls around the decks. It recalls the heads-down mood of Brothers Vibe, another former tribalist, which means anyone weary of the tag (which screams cheesy to many) could be won over by the mean kick drum and bassline. Ascending synths and pads makes the more melodic "David Morales Red Zone Mix" less versatile, but it's a bolder option for big-room DJs. That said, it's hard to imagine a room Luciano's mix wouldn't rock.
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      A Esperanza (Luciano Flow Latino Mix) B Esperanza (David Morales Red Zone Mix)