Bergsonist - Mutation

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  • Over one year, three cassettes and two 12-inches, Bergsonist's experimental techno has deployed sung prayer, gabber tempos, distortion and urgent arps. The Moroccan-born, New York-based artist's work shifts again on Mutation, which may be her most accessible record yet. But Bergsonist's bitter tastes linger underneath the title track's heartbeat kicks and plangent chords. Its circular sweeps sound like a finger tracing the rim of a wine glass—or, were it not for the sweetness of the keys, a blade dragged across concrete. A similar tension exists between the vocal harmonies, flutes and irregular kick drums. There's a particular cheekiness to the wind melody, whose serpentine coils seem to taunt the synths' tonal purity. A different sort of friction emerges on "Ressentiment," where sinuous arps ripple against snares that tick like money counters. Murray CY's remix puts the melody in a harsher frame, whose heavy distortion fogs the stereo field with a narcotic haze.
  • Tracklist
      01. Exile 02. Ressentiment 03. Mutation 04. Ressentiment (Murray CY Remix)