Ross From Friends - The Outsiders

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  • There's a reason Ross From Friends' lo-fi house has such broad appeal. It's thanks to the nostalgic warm tape hiss and the relaxed and sensual vibe that's appeared across his four releases, including his first for Lone's Magicwire label. The Outsiders is apparently named after the 1967 S. E. Hinton novel, but given Weatherall's affection for pop culture, it's probably more inspired by the 1983 Francis Ford Coppola film adaptation. The Outsiders' six tracks total around 44 minutes. The first four let you marinate in dreamy blissout fuzz, showing off what Weatherall does best. "Crimson"'s tremolo chords and pleading vocal snip—"You were made to settle down"—set a house tone, while there's gentle funk and loose grooves to be found in "D1RT B0X." There's euphoria in "Would You Still Be Here," which suggests similarities between the London producer and an artist like Traumprinz. Weatherall changes gear for the noisier broken beats of "Suzinak" and the acidic techno thrust of the title track. While both are interesting diversions, they break the EP's spell.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Crimson A2 D1RT B0X B1 Romeo, Romeo C1 Would You Still Be Here C2 Suzinak D1 The Outsiders