Nina Kraviz - Pochuvstvui

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  • Trip's recent releases have been bizarre and heady, but Nina Kraviz's new 12-inch is aimed directly at the dance floor. Though it's functional, Pochuvstvui has its own character. Beneath an imposing yet simple rhythm are layers of delicate detail that make good on the label's name. A balance between big-room boom, subversive sonic quirks and funky shuffle broadens each track's reach. There are no breakdowns or big moments, just heads-down loops and subtle development. You could hear both sides at a giant festival or on smaller dance floors more suited to tracky and trippy sounds. Like much of her discography, Kraviz's voice is prominent on Pochuvstvui. The title track's looping refrain gets lodged in the ear, but its catchiness is offset by subtle details. There's a snatch of a groan, somewhere between boredom and bliss, that feels off-the-cuff. Then there are the imposing phrases—in what I assume to be Russian—panning around the reverberated soundstage. A simple bass pulse, a 909 pattern and some acidic bleeps make for a simple package with a clear identity. The vocals in "You Are Wrong" are similarly catchy, with a filtered, high-pitched note drifting atop the eponymous refrain. A tunnelling 16th-note sequence contrasts with swung hats, casting techno textures in a refreshingly groovy light. Like "Pochuvstvui," there are no pyrotechnics or left turns, just wigged-out effects. Considering the massive stages Kraviz plays on each week, it's an impressively restrained yet engaging effort.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Pochuvstvui B1 You Are Wrong B2 You Are Wrong (Short Version)