Golden Donna - Alone In The City

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  • Joel Shanahan's light touch makes even his most floor-friendly tracks feel gentle. Alone In The City, the first EP on Wisconsin's Yügen Records, is one of his more whimsical releases, and it's also one of his most straightforward. The soft-focus title track feels out of reach and hazy, a pleasing blur punctured by a kick drum and hi-hats that stretch like they do on old jungle tracks. Slightly psychedelic, strong enough to work the floor and immersive enough to get lost in, it accomplishes more with subtle details than bold strokes. Atmospheric details on "Jesuit Kiss," such as the two-note synth lead that glides across the stereo spectrum, again take centre stage. On "Sake," the melodies gleam and float around staccato hi-hats. "Palisade," the EP's most illusory track, shimmers like dub techno, with only Shanahan's signature bass to give it shape. His music can often feel like a push and pull between the delicate and the dance floor, but the two are in fine balance on Alone In The City, Shanahan's most well-rounded record yet.
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      A1 Alone In the City A2 Jesuit Kiss B1 Sake B2 Palisade