xxxy - TTY025

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  • An artist once associated with the UK's post-dubstep scene, Rupert Taylor is a party-rocking house DJ unafraid of big melodies and bright sounds. That's rarely been clearer than on his latest EP for Ten Thousand Yen, where he lays down four retro-sounding bangers. "On Da Run," an old-school filter house track with a looped sample that has a euphoric rush, is one of the most cheerful moments in xxxy's catalogue. There's nothing timely or hip about the track, but that's part of its charm. "Get Banged" takes the energy down for a bouncy drum workout, with flattened snares hitting at the peripheries of the stereo spectrum—they add a fun detail to an otherwise barebones track. "OO SH," with its cutesy vocal sample and rave stabs, borders on nostalgic, but a straightforward house thump keeps it contemporary. "Make Things Better" rounds the EP off. It begins like a Tin Man-style sad acid track before blooming synths and an insistent chipmunk vocal give it an inspirational twist. It's nothing you haven't heard before, but as with the rest of the EP, it's made with a sense of enthusiasm that transcends mimicry.
  • Tracklist
      A1 On Da Run A2 Get Banged B1 OO SH B2 Make Things Better