Chloé - The Dawn

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  • Chloé has covered a lot of ground during her two-decade career. She had success as a DJ, a producer and, more recently, a film composer. The Parisian artist has released glitchy house 12-inches as well as two albums—The Waiting Room and One In Other—of strange and contemplative music. Made for the dance floor but with vivid and absorbing atmospheres, her most charming ideas fall somewhere in between. This is what we get with Chloé's first 12-inch in four years, The Dawn, which is the first physical release on her recently established Lumière Noire label. "The Dawn" is as its title suggests: a serene and glowing house track that glows like morning light. The ten-minute-plus track is subtle and contained—shy drums shuffle as shimmering arps and airy chords nudge it into a climax. But a vocal, from Chloé's mother, makes the track especially memorable. The spoken lines—"It was quite a long time ago / And then I just stopped it"—adds a sense of melancholy. On the B-side, Dixon reshapes the original into a driving club burner, with thick bass tones and elevating melodies. His track will draw the crowds, but Chloé's is the gem to keep close.
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      A The Dawn B The Dawn (Dixon Remix)