Pulse One - Against Myself

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  • Pulse One's return to Granulart, the label that released his first 12-inch from less than three years ago, catches the Buenos Aires techno producer, AKA Emanuel Peralta, in a monochromatic mode. His other records, such as the two strong EPs he's released through Dasha Rush's Fullpanda, have often been highlighted by melodic, atmospheric tunes and tangents toward airy electro and IDM. But banging big-room cuts, hinged on huge kick drums, are the order of the day on Against Myself. "Unconscious" features an endlessly pulsating 3/4 riff à la Mike Parker and a series of steam blasts that offer an easy dramatic effect. The title track has a reverberated clap adding drama amidst a buzzing tangle of acidic synths. "Light" and the digital-only "Madness" add subtlety and color, even as they stick to darker shades—"Light" with its echoed 303s and moody undertones, "Madness" with its cascade of nervous synth riffs—which makes the heft of the drums feel almost overbearing at times. Orphx's "Against Myself" remix sees the Canadian duo emerging from silence and working up to a fever pitch with serrated percussion, frantic acid contortions and scorched-atmosphere effects. It has the most personality of the bunch. Peralta's originals are solid DJ tackle, but given the adventurous stuff he's made elsewhere, we've come to expect more.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Unconscious A2 Against Myself B1 Against Myself (Orphx Remix) B2 Light