Gian & Massi - Radiant Conveyance

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  • Gian and Massimiliano Pagliara play very different records. The former plays sinister electro, while the latter looks to melodic and glimmering house. Still, there's something fitting about their collaboration for the latest LACKRec. 12-inch, perhaps because the Berlin label often touches on a number of club styles. Take its previous release, LACK012, from DI-X as SBC, which speeds like techno but beams like house. On Radiant Conveyance, Gian and Massi craft another pleasing overlap: acid-flecked electro with a warm glow. You get a sense of the EP's landscape from its titles. Names like "Radiant Conveyance," "Dazzling Horizon" and "Gloaming Haze" reflect the soft atmospheres that surround the crispy electro drums. Each track is a subtle shift on this idea. The title track has a cosmic drift, with chords and melodies that float over a sharp beat. "Dazzling Horizon" gets trippier, its frenzied drums and sticky acid line pumping through a smeared backdrop. "Gloaming Haze," with a singing bassline and funky squelches, rounds out the record with the brightness that makes LACKRec. such a vivid source of club beats.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Radiant Conveyance B1 Dazzling Horizon B2 Gloaming Haze