Various - Semantica X.10

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  • Semantica is best known for the deep, inward-looking techno that's appeared on its ten-year anniversary series. The series' final 12-inch looks back to Semantica's beginnings and its love of electro. It begins with a cut from Arcanoid, who, in 2009 and 2010, gave Semantica some of its earliest records. "Urgull" is a striking piece of melancholy electro, with sighing pads, chattering vocal samples and even some saxophone. It's warm, inviting and emotive, traits that aren't often associated with electro. Plant43's "Spider Silk Structures" is spiky and irreverent, with a high-pitched sequencer line that sounds more than a little like Drexciya. But lush chords mark the track as something more modern, with a touch of the ambience that the London producer is known for. Jimmy Edgar is another artist who appeared on Semantica in the early days. The Ideograma remix of his "Private" has a broken-beat bump, pitch-shifted vocals and expressive synth work, which feels both robotic and deeply human. The Detroit artist Annie Hall wraps up the 12-inch with more delicate electro. A beautiful, head-turning track, "Kanji" is a slightly unorthodox take on a decades-old dance floor form. There's no better summary of Semantica's legacy than that.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Arcanoid - Urgull A2 Jimmy Edgar - Private (Ideograma Remix) B1 Plant43 - Spider Silk Structures B2 Annie Hall - Kanji