B.YHZZ - Via

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  • Since Infinite Machine pivoted to what it calls a more soundtrack-like direction, its releases have become grander and more abstract. Via, B.YHZZ's second EP for the label, is proof. Its four original tracks take deconstructed club music to a new level of dissociation, with barely there beats and a sound collage feel. Tunes like "Rinnoji" can be hard to follow, but they're full of interesting detail, while "Seeds" and "Inside" focus on the naked sounds of plucked and bowed strings. Mixed with trembling drums and random-sounding melodies, these cuts give off the feeling that something is about to blow. B.YHZZ's tracks are almost too disruptive for their own good, but only "Wanderer" steps over the line. It's the EP's densest tune, full of stuttering drums, crunchy digital processing and all kinds of sound effects. Imaabs's remix is much more coherent. The NAAFI affiliate combines disparate elements into straight-up trap, keeping the cinematic atmosphere while adding crucial rhythmic oomph. Chino Amobi drenches the delicate "Inside" in funereal organ, bringing a new level of theatrics, while Endgame turns "Rinnoji" into the kind of lunging dembow he's made his name on. Infinite Machine has always been great at A&R, and these remixes, from three of experimental club's most exciting names, make up for the occasional patchiness elsewhere on the EP.
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      01. Wanderer 02. Inside 03. Rinnoji 04. Seeds 05. Rinnoji (Endgame Remix) 06. Wanderer (Imaabs Remix) 07. Inside (Chino Amobi Remix)