SNTS ‎- Across Another Dimension

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  • Black magic and the macabre are SNTS's playthings. His music is commanding, whether it gathers like fog on a dance floor or smashes like a wrecking ball. He's better suited to the latter. His creeping, skulking style of techno can be terrifying, but his last album applied the horror and the warpaint too thick. His best music works on a psychological level, taunting and intimidating from the shadows. On his debut for Horo, the masked artist summons more unnamed terrors and puts them to excellent use. "Ancestral Reflection" and "Figures In The Mist" are two works of driving techno with mystical properties. They're both so moody and theatrical that it's hard to imagine them working in a usual club set, which is why they're great. The other tracks are even better. SNTS seems more like a sound designer and a storyteller than anything else—abstract compositions are his forte. "Origin Of Light" is especially vivid. Its subterranean bass rumble, bestial hissing sounds and ghoulish moans all combine for something deeply disturbing, while the slow and monolithic "Resurgence" is one of the most menacing SNTS tracks around.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Origin Of Light A2 Ancestral Reflection B1 Figures In The Mist B2 Resurgence