Galaxian - Dosing The Population

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  • On "Dosing The Population," one of the six tracks from Galaxian's latest EP, a pitched-down monologue mentions government-sponsored chemtrails and chemical warfare. "They totally denied it," it says. Gloomy and unhinged, the sample speaks volumes about the Glaswegian producer's music. This mood grips Dosing The Population, a thrilling 12-inch with an infectious paranoia. "Internal Colonies" begins as a spacious shell of clicks and bleeps, but synth tones and bass swabs make the air heavy. "We Are Not Afraid To Act," a tense ambient track, is a less suggestive collage of vocals about violent revolution. Detroit electro is a common thread in Galaxian's music. Some of his tracks seem descended from labels like Direct Beat and Underground Resistance. (His last 12-inch was a collaboration with DJ Stingray.) But on recent records like Dosing The Population, Galaxian sounds increasingly self-reliant. I don't recall the harpsichords of "Impossible Promises," for example, on any Aux 88 records. "Token Gestures" combines sleek synth whooshes and dusty Art Of Noise-style samples, a simple contrast that sounds fresh. Smaller details also enhance his signature style. Woodblock snares give "Dosing The Population" an extra bite. Oddly placed claps and vibrating kick drums make "Malice"'s 4/4 beat seem less straight. But don't get the wrong idea—for all Galaxian's precision, Dosing The Population is as subtle as a battering ram. Few records bang so consistently.
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      A1 Internal Colonies A2 Dosing The Population A3 Token Gesture B1 Impossible Promises B2 Malice B3 We Are Not Afraid To Act