Terrence Dixon - Like A Thief In The Night

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  • Terrence Dixon has drifted in and out of retirement, but his records have never stopped coming. His Population One tracks have been steadily mounting on labels like Modularz, Out Electronic Recordings and Rush Hour. Dixon also provided the standout moment on Tresor's recent Dreamy Harbor compilation. The Detroit veteran has a knack for being totally off the wall, and Like A Thief In The Night is one of his most outlandish achievements yet. "Frequencies Different" is distinctly oddball. It's rowdy with a faint pulse propelling it through sleazy noise. Dixon tends to take filters on a wild ride, and he plunges this one deep underwater a few times.The track is messy but compelling. "Confusion Of Another Kind" is a piece of malfunctioning techno with neurotic arpeggios and mechanical impersonations whirring and buzzing in zigzags across it. The title track is beatless and cinematic, with warped string notes that zip and ping around a dense, atmospheric field. "The Test Of Time" is the EP's most functional track, but it also has a feral energy force surging through—it swells in unpredictable and delightful ways. Dixon is a free spirit whose music always surprises.
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      A1 Frequencies Different A2 Confusion Of Another Kind B1 Like A Thief In The Night B2 The Test Of Time