Peder & Hodge - All My Love

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  • A common thread has run through Peder Mannerfelt's projects over the past year. He's best known for experimental fare, but his recent productions, plus the releases on his self-titled label, could be described as "more fun." This description especially applies to Mannerfelt's latest record, a 12-inch collaboration with Hodge called my All My Love. The results are sublime. Mannerfelt's strange sounds are reframed through Hodge's appetite for direct floor destruction, which is best heard on the title track. A delirious breakbeat banger, each element—strobing vocals, unzipping synths, a hot and rambunctious bassline—sounds off like an alarm. When the climax hits, it overloads into cyber dysfunction. The other two tracks are less intense but still dazzlingly bizarre. "Inside The Rain" is beatless, with morphing noise that teeters between anxious and calm. "Bird Chant" sees the pair back in ruthless mode, as it rides puncturing rhythms offset by shrill squawks and eerily cinematic chords. These tracks are as inventive as they are unruly, which is what makes this record so good.
  • Tracklist
      A1 All My Love B1 Inside The Rain B2 Bird Chant