DeViere & Ali Berger - Free Gherkin Vol. 1

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  • Free Gherkin Vol. 1 is the first joint record from Detroit's Ali Berger and Boston's DeViere. Berger is an up-and-comer whose house and techno surges with energy. The productions are clean, and the colors are boosted by bright synths or raunchy vocals. DeViere is an under-the-radar producer and lifelong radio DJ who works with strange textures and doesn't seem restricted by the dance floor. With their strengths intertwined, they present an impressive EP that speaks both to body and mind. Both tracks are long and swirling journeys, with hard rhythms tucked into a hazy atmospheres. "Towards The Infinite" is as its name suggests. Over ten minutes, it stretches through galaxies with glowing ambience, marching drum patterns and a soulful sax solo that drifts sleepily in and out. "Rakhar" also begins with sci-fi drifting, but it gets more sinister when the kick comes. It picks up a gut-busting bassline, growling chords and an unholy acid line. By then it should have the dance floor bucking.
  • Tracklist
      A Towards The Infinite B Rakhar