Max Cooper - Chromos EP

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  • On Emergence, his latest project, Max Cooper combines his three passions: science, art and music. At its core, Emergence is about translating complex science into accessible audio and visual formats. It involves a series of videos, an audiovisual live show and a lot of theory. Like the rest of Cooper's work, Emergence comprises many layers that you're free to explore as deeply as you like. Chromos is the next chapter in the Emergence story. It's a prologue about the formation of chromosomes, the building blocks of life. An audiovisual work based on science, it was made in collaboration with researchers at the Babraham Institute and the award-winning digital artist Andy Lomas. "Chromos" and "Coils Of Living Synthesis" both have accompanying videos, which you should watch to understand the project. But use headphones to listen to the EP. Cooper has used binaural effects—in headphones, the sounds pop and crackle like fireworks exploding in your skull. "Chromos" and "Coils Of Living Synthesis" are the products of a complex writing process. It involved over 100 layers of sound and a randomised matrix of generative synthesis. The compositions are teeming with details, but they're bound by Cooper's signature application of deep, melodious chords. "Four Tone Reflections," on the other hand, is deliberately minimal. It's built around only four notes, sequenced using Alexander Randon's Fugue Machine app. Nearly 13 minutes is a long ride, but it's expressive and emotive. Cooper's music may be conceptual, but it's also moving. Cosmin TRG's remix is the cherry on the cake.
  • Tracklist
      01. Chromos 02. Coils Of Living Synthesis 03. Molten Landscapes 04. Four Tone Reflections 05. Chromos (Cosmin TRG Mutation)