natural/electronic.system. - Sicut Erat

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  • natural/electronic.system. are Antonio Giova and Valerio Gomez De Ayala, friends from Naples who currently live in Berlin and Rome, respectively. They've been impressing as DJs since 2004, with deep and dubby selections delivered through extended sets. Gomez De Ayala is also behind the STRATI event series in Rome. The pair made their vinyl debut last year with "Emersione," a psychotropic techno track on a Tikita compilation. It was the record's "most crucial draw," according to Brian Kolada. They're back with their first full vinyl release. Giova and Gomez De Ayala are an ideal match for Tikita and its "body & mind" ethos. In other words, it's techno that stimulates the subconscious and induces a state of zen. The title track opens with a wave of harmonic resonance reminiscent of gongs, cymbals, bells and other instruments of mediation. It's a fitting start that creates a tranquil moment to clear one's mind before the dance floor pulses take over, after which it becomes a melodic dub techno track. The "Rimodulazione" version piles on the pressure with a tense crescendo. The mood is darker, with irresistible throbbing sub-bass. "Terrae Nullius" is deep and groovy, but the real draw is what's going on in the background. With billowing pads and minute details, there's a whole other brooding sound dimension. Is that the squawk of a bird or the croak of another creature? It's hard to tell, and the mystery only draws you in further. On "Megàride," the pair create an infectious delirium of drums and swirls, ending the EP in a final impressive flurry.
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      A1 Sicut Erat A2 Sicut Erat (Rimodulazione) B1 Terrae Nullius B2 Megàride