Dynamo Dreesen, SVN & A Made Up Sound - Sessions 03

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  • In 1992, the composer Jane Brockman described the electronic soundtrack of Forbidden Planet as a collection of "circuits that behaved like primitive organisms." That is, random sounds that come into being, plateau and die "in a moment of glory." An evolved version of that can be found in the music of Dynamo Dreesen, SVN and A Made Up Sound. Some of the noises—burps, lasers, synthetic birdcalls—and atmospheres they use on their house and techno records resemble the sinister paradise evoked by Bebe and Louis Barron's soundtrack. The trio's latest 12-inch, Sessions 03, is an odd and exotic world of its own. This is most apparent on the untitled B2, whose central sound is a gust of wind. As it blows around electronic pulses in increasingly improbable contortions, the distinction between organic and synthetic gets blurry. On the B1, a wave—or a circuit that sounds like one—rushes at toms, shakers and synth flutters. In both cases, these pseudo-natural interruptions are casually executed, more like a light tap on the shoulder than a twisted arm. On the A1, the most dance floor-friendly cut, rhythmic asides—finger clicks, tambourines and hi-hats—come and go, circling around an eight-note keyboard melody. Beneath this transient percussion, bleeps dribble and drip in novel bursts. It's one of many places where Sessions 03 teems with strange life.
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      A1 Untitled 1 B1 Untitled 2 B2 Untitled 3