Jann - Murder People

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  • The producer Jann, AKA Yannick Thuet, and peers like Jared Wilson, John Heckle and the late Andreas Gehm, are the big wave surfers of dance music. They chase the elusive perfect acid line, the gnarlier the better. Thuet throws the Basement Tales party at the I-Boat club in Bordeaux, DJs on Intergalactic FM and crafts a grotty brand of acid that combines classic Chi-town sounds with nasty new beat and EBM influences. He has found a suitable home for this thorny approach at Pinkman Broken Dreams, the no-nonsense sub-label that has been a home for raw records by Gijs Poortman (as Gstring), Alessandro Adriani and Black Merlin. On tracks like "Murder People," Theut looks back to unhinged Windy City productions like James "Jack Rabbit" Martin's "Only Wanted To Be," where Thuet's deadpan vocals match the simmering menace of its demented lover's plea. Theut's cruel, casual delivery works perfectly when paired with blown-out acid. His utterances take on a pained, frantic tenor as the record progresses. He howls like a boneyard ghoul on "Beyond The Grave," while its clattering 707 toms and minor-key synths create a queasy, jacking equilibrium. On "Distorted Life," he completes his transition into werewolf as he growls over menacing arpeggios. Thuet, like Helena Hauff, trades in the ominous sounds and squat party principles laid out by The Hague legends such as Guy Tavares and I-F. As lo-fi dance music burgeons in popularity, Murder People is a reminder that, for some producers, rawness isn't a fashion statement. It's a way of life.
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      A1 Murder People B1 Beyond The Grave B2 Distorted Life