Föllakzoid - London Sessions feat. J. Spaceman

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  • The Chilean rock trio Föllakzoid must have been thrilled the night they met J. Spaceman from Spacemen 3. Föllakzoid's first two albums are clearly indebted to the English guitarist and space rock original. Enlisting him in a session rerecording, live to tape, two tracks from their 2015 album, III, sounds like a dream come true. "Electric" and "Earth" were originally extended krautrock jams, which is what you also get with these versions. But whether it's due to the adrenalin that comes from playing alongside a musician you admire, J. Spaceman's cosmic touch or other stars aligning, these versions feel more primal and alluring than the originals. Even though it's the same percussion locking the motorik groove, London Sessions has a taut funk instead of stiff beats. Featuring guitars drenched in reverb, touched with fuzz and given plenty of room to breathe and crescendo, these rock trances are variations of a familiar formula. The revelation comes in opening your third eye.
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      A Electric B Earth