UVB - The School Of Intolerance

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  • The School Of Intolerance sees UVB, AKA Sébastien Michel, return to his old stomping ground for the first time since his transcendent debut album, Life. Since then, Michel has explored his own version of EBM across three EPs on his Body Theory label. All were mechanical and rhythmically orientated with a distinct retro sound. An extension of the tribal techno Michel has been refining since Life, the sound can also be heard on The School Of Intolerance, with "Join In The Ranks" and "We're All Responsible." Both use groove, not force, to get the dance floor swinging. Michel goes in harder elsewhere. "Intolerance" is the EP's heaviest and most punishing track. It's militant, like boots stomping into battle, and not concerned with anything except trudging forward packed with steel and lead. "Head For Head" is more progressive and brooding, but it's still hammer and tongs. Then there's the anxious "Least At Last," pumped up with adrenaline and slicked in sweat. These three tracks are closer to Mord's school of techno, but the other, hypnotic works are The School Of Intolerance's best.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Intolerance A2 Least At Last B1 We're All Responsible B2 Join In The Ranks B3 Head For Head