Fabrizio Lapiana & Amotik - Figure Jams 001

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  • Len Faki and his Figure label have a reputation for pounding techno. A Figure night at Berghain was one of the most physically intense dance music experiences I've ever had. But the label has more to it than that. After all, Faki is the man who created Ostgut Ton's proggiest track, "Rainbow Delta." His new label, Figure Jams, seems set on highlighting this side of his taste, bringing together artists from outside his network. Its new split EP is promising, pairing the Italian producer Fabrizio Lapiana with Amotik for four unabashedly big-room tunes that scratch a very particular itch. Fabrizio Lapiana's tracks will turn some listeners off and give goosebumps to others. "Far Away" reminded me of James Holden around the release of his Balance mix CD in 2003—that is, thickset, proggy techno with silken melodies. "Memories" sports a squelching riff that unfurls with a giddiness made for the most intense of strobe lights. Both tracks are bouncy and polished, with hardly a dark vibe between them. Amotik's contributions are a touch moodier. The scuffed drum pattern of "Gora" has an industrial flavour, though the track is bright and uplifting. "Kala" is the most straightforward tune, pairing a Luke Slater-style barrage of melodies with an absurdly intense kick drum. With tracks as diverse—but still functional—as these, Figure Jams is looking like a solid counterpart to its parent label.
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      A1 Fabrizio Lapiana - Far Away A2 Fabrizio Lapiana - Memories B1 Amotik - Gora B2 Amotik - Kala